I take this opportunity to welcome you all to the website of A.I.C Moi Boys High School Kaplamai. The school was founded in the year 1986 as a mixed day school.  The school is under the sponsorship of Africa Inland Church - Kenya.

The school is located in a rural-urban setting that is endowed with the necessary social infrastructure. The school has a rich, conducive learning environment and an adequate human resource. Its location therefore is not only serene but also pollution - free for learning.

The school owes its existence to its founders, who worked tirelessly to start, equip and support it to grow. Special appreciation goes to His Excellency Daniel Arap Moi, the second president of the republic of Kenya, for supporting the school in kind.

The school has a strong Christian base that assist in spiritual and moral development of the student body.

The school churns out at least eighty form four leavers annually and that most of them end up undergoing successful career progression.

We pay a lot of interest in the welfare of our students and by extension their parents. The management has put in place structures that ensure provision of effective services by all members of staff.

The school is registered as a County Boys Boarding, with a current population of 400 learners. Its population is steadily rising .The 2017 form one class is three streamed.

  The school takes pride of the following changes over the years;

(i)                 Substantial infrastructural development

(ii)               Acquisition of County Status (2011)                   

(iii)             From a mixed school to a Boys Status (2012)

        (ii)   From day school to boarding (2013)                

          (v) Mean grade of less than 4 to an average of 6 (C)

The management has laid down a firm foundation for the best academic achievements .we are also intending to dedicate our facilities to identifying and nurturing the talents. The school has what it takes to develop diverse talents and live to its mission of developing a social and self reliant human being.

AIC Moi Boys High School Kaplamai is a place you will love to be.

 Thank you and may God bless you as you prepare to join us.